Wednesday, March 27, 2013

< today is 22 >

We were having a BBQ party during the last day of school at Villa Angsana Condominium. We planned and invited everyone included some of our teachers before the standardized test and of course everyone of us was looking forward for it and feel sooooooooo excited right after the exam ended. 

After waiting like years, finally comes the 22th of March. Nickae suggested to have a theme, she named it < today is 22 >. It's a posing theme, you can see that we were posing like V^.^V in some of the pictures, which means 22. We also planned to draw '22' on our face but I don't know why we didn't do that lol. We were quite fail for our plan.

Pictures taken under the daylight are so much nicer. We tried our best to take as many pictures as we can before the sky turns dark. Btw, Jia Wei and I was the photographer of the day ;)

Picture taken by Nickae using her Iphone5. I seriously LOVE how Iphone5's camera makes people look so much thinner and taller! 

I like this candid shot by Jia Wei :D

Group shot with our teachers.
I don't really know how to adjust the camera settings so the pictures taken at night is quite blur :( 

Everyone of us was having fun that night! All of them were being pushed into the pool but me :B Cause I wasn't allow to :( But my body gone all wet too because we use water guns to shoot each others hahahahha. It was my first time playing water gun btw.

Hope you enjoy this post, visit my Facebook for more pictures. Bye!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hey guys, how was your Valentine's Day this year? Mine was just like another normal day, spending my time with my computer for the whole day long. I can still remember a lot of people tweeted "Today is just another Thursday" on that day loll. I did that too. So when I was totally bored at home, I took some pics related to Valentine's Day. It's my first time using self-timer to take pictures, please forgive me for the qualities :/ These pics I posted are some lucky shots I got.

I blurred and lower the contrast of the pics. Not sure if I'm doing it right but I'm trying to create some dreamy feel lolllll. Btw, my Valentine's Day post is so lat,. I should post this right on that day hmm. Anyway, I hope you like this post even thou it's just a short update to keep my blog alive. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dip dye x Underdye

My blog is dead for so long, not sure if anyone is reading this lol. Sorry for not keeping my blog updated because I was working in the WHOLE year end school holiday, since the first day till the last, I don't even have time to rest or what. I was seriously out of idea, and I don't think you will be interested with my daily routine cause I was doing the same routine everyday. Plus, something was wrong with the memory card that cause me unable to transfer the pics I took into my computer :/ Sis just fixed the problem anyway! That's why I'm blogging right now hehe.

If you're my follower in Instagram @heidi_t , you might know that I dip dyed my hair during the school holidays. I was so excited because it was the first time dying my hair! I had been waited for sooooo looooooooong to do that. I was wanted to dip dye green or blue but my hair stylist told me that it will fade into brown after washing like 4 or 5 times wtf. So I let her to choose and match the colors for me. I'm quite happy with the outcome thou :)

 Sis requested for this pose! I think it's funny LOLOLOLOLOL. So epic. But I love how my hair looks at here so still posting ;)

 Damaged hair :/

Tank top from H&M, Shorts from Zara, random tights, boots from Agape Boutique @Parkamaya, necklace from Mirrocle, bracelets from Diva.

These pics were taken right before I went to the saloon to dye my hair back to black, for me to recall my dip dyed hair in the future hahahah. I took off the tights and change my boots to a pair of flats before I go lol. Or people would stare at me like I'm an alien I guess? 

So that's all for today, hope you like my post! Will try to blog more frequent, stay tuned for more updates! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lunch at Plan B.

I just realized that I didn't update my blog for almost a month omg. The last post was posted on 17th of August :O

Had my lunch at Plan B after school today with mom and sis. We went to Publika branch, which is the nearest from school. It's my first time going Publika D: Bunch of blogger and Instagramers are posting bout Plan B recently and the pictures make my mouth water everytime. Especially in midnight! I HATE THEM :( But never mind. Finally I can do this to other people too. Hahahahahahha! I'm sorry if you're reading this in midnight and you're hungry lollllll.

This time I didn't forget to take pictures before eating them :DD

The menu.

Everyone should BELIEVE in something
Random shot from my seat.
Earl grey tea.
Sis' cappuccino.
Wild Mushroom Soup.
I like how their mushroom soup tasted because it's not so creamy like those we have normally. The creamy one will taste really good at first but then it will makes you feel full and a bit disgusting after finish like half bowl. But this one won't! The mushroom taste is so strong. Feel so original hahah.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Pomodoro Pasta. It's a bit way too sour.
The Loaded Club Sandwich.
Short Rib Rendang.
This tasted really good! The beef is cooked until so soft ♥ But it must be nicer if it's serve with coconut rice instead of steamed rice.
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Y)
Someone told me Plan B's dessert is nice. So I start checking their dessert when I got the menu. You know I'm a dessert lover, especially cakesssss ♥♥ But there were only three of us, we only ordered one. We can't finish them if we order more than one because their portion is quite big. Must go again until I've tried all their cakes >:) So at last I decided to have carrot cake because I never eat carrot cheese cake before. Im a caveman hahah. The cake is HUGE :O And it tasted so good :D You must try this if you like carrot cake.

Yes this was captured and edited by me. Saw this thingy when we were walking back to the car park. I was kinda excited when I saw this because it's too nice ♥ First time doing typography. What do you think?

That's all for today. Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012



 I love the gangnam style dance! And song la of course ;D Actually the dance is weird, the song is just so-so, but when you combine them together, MAGIC HAPPENS. You will definitely FALL.IN.LOVE with the whole thing! Uhm maybe no, hahah. But most of you love it right. Don't say no. I saw lots of people posting and sharing the M/V in facebook >:) It has 34769082 views in Youtube (at 10.52pm) :OO And you know what? The song ranks second in Youtube O_O I think it will chase up to the first very soon! :D

Before this song I don't even know who's PSY. When I first watch the M/V, I thought he's a random weird uncle :/ It it.. IT WAS BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE GAM YU LOU! D: If I saw him when I'm walking alone on the street, I would run! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. SORRY. After watching the other music videos by PSY then only I know that he's a Korean singer. And this song, Oppa Gangnam Style was written by himself, and he choreographed the dance too. He got inspiration from the horses, I think I can also discover something new from other animals. Piggy maybe? :p

The M/V got 35091644 views at 11.11pm.

I know you guys must have watched it but still I want to share because it is just AWESOME.

And here's a Hongdae Style M/V. The so-called best parody of Oppa Gangnam Style. It is from Trend Factory. They did a parody Fantastic Baby M/V before, and people say it's the best parody too. What can I say is this group of people is REALLY AWESOME. They have the same costume(almost okay, not 100%), same action, and SAME EXPRESSION AT THE SAME TIME. Cool right. Watch it at here!

35285711 views at 11.34pm.

I watched almost every video related to Oppa Gangnam Style. After watching the making of the M/V, I think it's so much fun and I feel like want to make one too! IM SERIOUS. I even asked my friends, will they help or join me. I'm happy that they all willing to help! But there's a big problem that we don't have enough of time to prepare for it. So we ended up cancel the shooting. I SHOULD PLAN IT EARLIER! :( But never mind la, maybe there will be another new song after this and maybe it will have larger influence than this. Then we can make a parody M/V for it during year end holidays. Who knows?

So that's all for this post. Keep your gangnam style on! ;)

Oh ya, I want to share one more video with you all. Not gangnam style, not k-pop. It's a video of a very very very super duper cute magician. MY SON OKAY :p You will definitely LOVE him. I swear. I can't stop smilling when I'm looking at him. He is so sweet. He is love. I want to have a son like this! TT I killed by him after watching this. I'M DEAD.

It's counter strike time hehe. Goodnight peeps! Happy birthday, GD :)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates people. TRUST ME, I always wanted to blog, but I always 'lag' on the half way writing a post. There's a few half-done drafts I wrote weeks ago, I seriously don't know what and how should I continue them :| I know right I'm a fail blogger.

LOL just saying. But I'll try my best ;)

Recently the ombre, pastel, colorful/rainbow trend is damn hot in Malaysia. Actually the trend comes quite long ago but in Malaysia it just begin. You know la, we're always SLOW. The pictures of the ombre stuff are all over the Instagram, Tumblr and bunch of other websites. Even my blog in pastel color too hehe :p All the pastel color and ombre stuffs are just too pretty! No one can deffend them ♥

Here are some pictures I got from Instagram, Tumblr or Google. Hair and cakes are the common one in the web.

Just admit that, GREEN.IZ.COOL.

♥♥Ombre x Pastel ♥♥♥
A popular model( in Instagram & tumblr?). She has pastel color hair and she always changes her hair color!

Pastel pink ♥
A screenshot from my Instagram. Dollswithdye is one of my fav instagramer!
I hope I can have pastel hair in the year end school holidays. But too bad the hair stylist told me it would cause a serious hair damage after bleaching my hair and I'll have to dye 2-3 times to get back my dark brown hair before school reopen. WHY WE ASIANS HAVE DARK COLOR HAIR?! TT

 And the cakesssssssss.

They looks good but I don't think they taste good. It's just too much food coloring :/
It would be really nice if it's in my wedding ♥
MAYBE I'll try to make some cupcakes or ombre cakes during the coming school holidays. MAYBE. If my mom willing to let me do that. It's because my mom always ask me to get out of the kitchen because she says I will mess it up hahahahha. Any one dare to eat if I made some? :p

The recent art work I'm doing is fashion design. I'm going to paint my model's hair pastel color hehe >:D I'll share it with you guys after I'm done with it :) I think the next post will probably blogging about BBQ party again (you probably haven't read the previous bbq post cause I forgot to share it in facebook) because there will be one on Monday at my house, with last year's classmates :D Worst thing is Ms Meagan can make it :((

That's all for today, stay tuned for next post. Don't forget to click into the advertisements in my blog! (You just have to click in, wait until it finished loading then close it) Thanks a lot! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I still can remember the last time I BBQ was last year's Chinese New Year eve party at relative's house. Duh, how long. Since my mom don't really like to have BBQ party at house (It must make a mess), so what I can do is wait for someone to organize it at somewhere and I just join! hahahha.

Last week the gang of crazy classmates was disscussing want to have a BBQ party. We all decide to make it on Saturday at Zee Yan's house. They went to Jusco to buy ingredients after school (I didn't join them cause I have to go Pavi that time hehe). As you know hicken wings is the MUST HAVE for BBQ party so I brought 10 pairs of them :p It was still early when I reached Zee Yan's house, like around six. BUT THEY WERE ALREADY BBQ-ING AND EATING even though the charcoal haven't heat yet :O I was like, THIS ---> O_O And they were showing me a face of 'I don't care I just wanna eat' LOLLLL.

Part of the food we prepared

Penguin and her gai yek ahhahaha.

with my favourite sweet corn <3 AB color.

Yay finally they're cooked!

These are just small lil parts of the food. We bought too much until we can't finish them D: I think the food is enough for 15 person but there was only 8 of us hahahah. We cook and bring it to school everyday after the BBQ party and the sausagessss still haven't finish yet! This is kinda horrible LOL.

Lastly, our family pics, I stole them from facebook hehe. Credit to li shean(did I spell wrong? o.o).

4A Ren

That's all for today. It's time to sleep now *yawn*. Goodnight :)